Chief Technology Officer

Jonathan is Chief Technology Officer for WayBeyond with more than 20 years of commercial expertise in software and integrated technology solutions for customers.

Th WayBeyond creates technology for a better world. Its vision is to transform the agricultural industry so it can produce food sustainably for everyone on the planet. WayBeyond’s expertise in data, artificial intelligence, and plant science is embodied in its future-focused farming solutions. FarmRoad – a farm management platform with powerful yield prediction and crop registration tools, and Folium – a climate monitoring system which harnesses readings from a network of wireless sensors to deliver detailed data across large growing areas.

Jonathan has previously worked as Ventures VP Engineering at EROAD for NZ, Australia and North America and worked in financial services in the Netherlands for eight years.

“CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) is the future of food production and technology supports not only a farmers investment but planet-friendly agricultural practices.”