Early Preview: Bridie Ohlsson on Blockchain in Agriculture

We have all seen the growing hype around blockchain in the context of bitcoin, the digital currency that first brought blockchain to mainstream media and investors. While bitcoin remains headline news, the applications and potential of blockchain are spreading well beyond cryptocurrencies. One of these key use cases of this technology has been identified as commodity supply chains.

AgriDigital is a global leader in using blockchain technology to solve embedded challenges across agriculture supply chains. By generating digital title for agri-commodities on a blockchain, AgriDigital are bringing security, liquidity and traceability to farmers, buyers and financiers along agriculture supply chains. Having completed a number of world first pilots with major participants in Australian agriculture, including Rabobank and CBH Group, this year AgriDigital is launching a commercial blockchain protocol for global commodity supply chains.

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Hear Bridie Ohlsson speak at MobileTECH 2018. This event is being held on 27-28 March 2018 in Rotorua, New Zealand. Registrations will be closing soon!

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