Interested in Showcasing Your Ideas?

MobileTECH’s mission is to create a platform of change for this region’s primary sector. A place where technology developers, engineers, entrepreneurs, innovators and the next generation of land and crop managers can meet, learn, discuss and showcase the very latest innovations and technology impacting on the sector.

We have already started planning for 2017 and would like to hear from people interested in being part of this event. We want to showcase innovative people, ideas, innovations, technologies AND early adopters – from both both sides of the industry.

This event covers a wide range of technologies: Mobile technologies ⋅ productivity apps ⋅ cloud computing ⋅ internet of things ⋅ automation ⋅ remote sensors ⋅ smart customer integrations ⋅ rural connectivity ⋅ mobile hardware ⋅ big data ⋅ aerial drones ⋅ M2M ⋅ robotics ⋅ satellite mapping ⋅ communications ⋅ data ownership ⋅ field capture tools ⋅ and more.

If you are interested in being part of the programme, click here.

Applications are also open to be part of the innovative TECH Talks – quick-fire technology presentations showcasing innovative new ideas, products and services. Click here to apply.

For more information about MobileTECH 2017 visit