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How the development of data ecosystems unlocks the potential of data sharing in Europe

Jürgen Vangeyte, Scientific Director of Agricultural Engineering, ILVO, Belgium

An enormous digitization is underway in the agri-food sector. Agricultural and horticultural companies produce an enormous amount of products every day. They also produce a growing mass of data that is only valuable if it is shared, brought together and converted into something useful and actionable.

Currently, most data sharing within the global industry are 1-to-1 connections between companies that know each other well. These transactions are often limited to an agreement between the two companies.

In order to make optimal use of this data revolution in the near future, and thus to continue to innovate, the willingness to share data between the agrifood supply chain partners is crucial.

“To built trust in the agrifood data-ecosystem, we need to put the farmer at the steer!”

In Europe, a new data platform is simplifying how data is accessed and shared between producers and technology suppliers. Developers view the available API data sources and can build this directly into their own app or tools. A critical feature of this platform is that data owners must approve access to their data. This ensures that farmers and growers are protected and can retain control of their data.

Only in this way can sufficient trust grow between farmers, companies that want to offer data and companies that want to purchase data in order to shape the data economy in the agrifood sector.

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