Launch of the Agritech Industry Transformation Plan

We are pleased to confirm that the Agritech Industry Transformation Plan (ITP) will be officially launched at MobileTECH Ag 2020. Both Phil Twyford, the Economic Development Minister and Damien O’Connor, the Agriculture Minister will be making the release of the full plan.

The ITP launch is scheduled for 8.30am on Tuesday 7 April 2020 at the Distinction Rotorua Hotel, Rotorua. MobileTECH Ag 2020 will follow at 10am that morning.

Please note that, while the ITP launch is open to the public, the MobileTECH Ag 2020 conference itself is a paid event.

The ITP has been developed after nine months of consultation with industry, research and support service stakeholders. This represents a significant initiative for the New Zealand Government and we are delighted to be hosting both Ministers.

In addition, the report’s author, Agritech Task Force Lead David Downs and Peter Wren-Hilton from Agritech New Zealand, will also be providing a full and in-depth presentation about the ITP and what it means for the sector in New Zealand later on Tuesday during the MobileTECH Ag 2020 conference programme.

This year’s MobileTECH Ag event – supported by event “strategic partner” Agritech New Zealand – is a must-attend, primary-industry sector event for technology developers, industry leaders and early adopters focussing mainly on new digital technologies to improve the agricultural and horticultural industry sectors.

MobileTECH Ag 2020 aims to showcase new innovations in “smart data” to help food & fibre businesses identify and solve real, tangible issues. 

For full event details & latest conference programme, go to To register and guarantee your place, go to or please call us on (+64) 7 921 1384.

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