3-4 April 2019, Rotorua, New Zealand

MobileTECH 2019 brought together 300 technology leaders, innovative developers, early adopters and the next generation of primary industry operators from throughout New Zealand and Australia. MobileTECH is an annual event showcasing the digital technologies transforming the agricultural, horticultural and forestry sectors.

Event Details

Since 2013, MobileTECH has been the only event of its type to bring together the technology leaders from right across the agricultural, horticultural and forestry sectors under one roof.

The key message is that business data, machine learning and decision making software are the catalysts for future growth. The digital revolution provides an exciting opportunity for the primary sector. The key though will be in focusing on solutions that fix real issues within the industry.

MobileTECH 2019's theme was 'Data with Purpose'.

Globally, there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day. Over 90% of the world's data has been created within the last two years. Technologies like the Internet of Things will dramatically increase these numbers.  The problem is no longer how to collect data - its how to get the right answers at the right time for the right purpose.

Our farms and worksites are becoming more connected then ever and we are rapidly accumulating data. Remote sensors are in our fields, GPS units track our vehicles, UAVs and satellites provide imagery data and electronic tagging is optimises distribution. The primary sector now has more data points than can be comprehended and the demand is not just for technology, but for the right analysis and application.

5 key discussions at MobileTECH 2019:

  1. How can the primary sector leverage new technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain.
  2. Which technologies, innovations and use cases can best be picked up adopted between each sector - agriculture, horticulture and forestry.
  3. What are the best approaches for increasing developer collaboration and improving the technology uptake for rural businesses.
  4. How to bridge the gap between data ownership, transparency, collection and use.
  5. As digital technologies are transforming the industry, how will this impact the skills needed to run the business and the ongoing ability to attract a new generation into the sector.
Key Technologies

Mobile technologies ⋅ Artificial Intelligence ⋅ Machine learning ⋅ Internet of Things ⋅ Blockchain ⋅ Cloud computing ⋅ Automation ⋅ Advanced sensors ⋅ Platform integrations ⋅ Connectivity ⋅ Big data ⋅ M2M ⋅ Robotics ⋅ Satellite mapping ⋅ Communications ⋅ Data ownership ⋅ Apps and more

Who Attended?

Technology developers and suppliers  -  Corporate producers (large scale farms, orchards and plantations)  -  R&D managers  -  IT managers  -  Entrepreneurial operators  - Early adopters  -  Industry consultants  -  Researchers  -  Public sector organisations