23-24 March 2021 | Distinction Hotel, Rotorua, New Zealand | In-Person + Virtual Online Event

MobileTECH Ag brings together technology leaders, agritech developers, early adopters and the next generation of primary industry operators from throughout New Zealand and Australia. This event showcases the digital technologies transforming the agricultural and horticultural sectors. MobileTECH Ag is the event for New Zealand's agritech community.

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Event Summary

A Fantastic Turnout

After Covid-19 changed everyone's plans last year, we were pleased to once again return to an in-person event in Rotorua, New Zealand. MobileTECH Ag 2021, held on the 23-24 March 2021, attracted hundreds of industry leaders and agritech professionals to meet, learn and network. Despite COVID-19, country border restrictions, tight health and safety requirements for physical events and a minor scare in Auckland, the high level of chatter over the two days made it worthwhile.

This was also the first MobileTECH Ag event to run both in-person and streamed live online. Those not able to travel, especially our international delegates, could still view all presentations and participate in the Q&As.

With the rapid growth within the agritech sector, MobileTECH Ag continues to be the major networking event for agritech professionals in New Zealand.

The theme this year was 'Smart Data Innovations'. Due to the rapid development of data collection tools, the key question has been how we can better utilise operational data to make business decisions that matter. New digital technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision and the Internet of Things are no longer really 'new' concepts. What is new, has been how local growers are working closely with technology developers to solve issues at scale. We are also seeing better local access to cloud computing platforms capable of massive number crunching and machine learning.

AgritechNZ has been at the forefront of bringing the industry together and building significant support from Government and international investors. While New Zealand has been an early adopter, we have only just scratched the surface of digital technologies within our food and fibre sector.

The MobileTECH Ag 2021 programme opened with new technology trends, the development of data ecosystems, collaboration within NZ and Australian agritech sectors, updates within Europe and an overview of Middle Eastern opportunities. Rounding out day one, we had presentations on robotics, supercomputing, data platforms and agritech applications. Innovative ideas, grower case studies and insights into how agritech companies are adapting to change, were key talking points on day two. Additional workshops also provided the opportunity for a deeper dive into popular topics.

We can't forget that MobileTECH Ag is a major networking event. Outside of scheduled breaks and day one's big social night, small meetings spring up throughout the event and can often be where the most important networks are made.

The speaking programme included:

CropX | Microsoft | ILVO, Belgium | Agritech Australia | NZTech | Rocos | WayBeyond | Vodafone NZ | NZ Trade and Enterprise | PlantTech Research Institute | Prime Consulting International | Open Parallel | Summit Ag | CompanyX | Rezare Systems | Agritech NZ | Pastoral Robotics | NZ Young Farmers | Warren's Insights | Eagle Technology | Cucumber | Landkind | WISPA NZ | FarmIQ | DairyNZ

Key Technologies Covered

Mobile technologies ⋅ Artificial Intelligence ⋅ Machine learning ⋅ Internet of Things ⋅ Augmented & virtual reality ⋅ Blockchain ⋅ Cloud computing ⋅ Automation ⋅ Sensors ⋅ Platforms ⋅ Connectivity ⋅ Big data ⋅ Robotics ⋅ Satellite mapping ⋅ Remote assistance ⋅ Data ownership ⋅ Apps and more

Who Attended

Technology developers and suppliers ⋅ Agritech companies ⋅ Corporate producers (large scale farms, orchards and plantations) ⋅ R&D managers ⋅ IT managers ⋅ Entrepreneurial operators ⋅ Early adopters ⋅ Industry consultants ⋅ Researchers ⋅ Public sector organisations