New International Speaker – Jim Wilson

Jim is based in North Carolina, USA and has served in several data-standards-development roles over the past 20 years, covering global standards for agriculture, chemical, aerospace and defence. He is dedicated to promoting and enabling the transition to digital agriculture and improve the efficiency and productivity of data across the sector.

With such a dizzying array of new technology emerging in the agriculture industry, how do growers and the companies that support them anchor their decisions and solutions in a firm foundation? Standards are a key part of that.

Jim Wilson is speaking on “Creating global agricultural standards and open source technology – and the role for NZ’s businesses”. This presentation will further explore the interrelationship between standards and competitive advantage.

“MobileTECH Ag stands out from a crowded slate of ag-industry events around the world in several respects. The topics are compelling, the speakers are engaging, and the participants are well informed and intensely curious.”

Jim Wilson, President & CEO, AgGateway Global Network, USA

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