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Greg Bodeker

Co-Director, Kanute

Greg has a 30-year research record in atmospheric and climate science having published more than 130 papers in these fields. He has held international leadership roles in climate science, including for the World Climate Research Programme and the Global Climate Observing System.

In addition to being co-founder of Kanute, he is the director of Bodeker Scientific Ltd (an independent climate research organisation), and Adjunct Professor with the New Zealand Climate Change Research Institute at Victoria University of Wellington. Recently he has participated in the development of a new tool that can be used to assess physical climate risk to agriculture.

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New Zealand is the first country to pass laws requiring financial institutions with more than NZ$1B in assets to report on their climate-related risks and opportunities. More countries are expected to introduce similar mandatory disclosures over the coming years.

Climate model simulations are essential to meeting the risk assessment requirements of regulators. In response, many climate service providers have emerged, claiming to meet those needs. However, since the inception of climate modelling, models have been designed more to answer scientific hypotheses than to underpin risk assessments. Potential misuse can lead to unintended consequences.

Kanute has been developing a new machine-learning based approach to generating the data required for climate risk assessments, including those relevant to the agriculture sector. It is novel in that it can generate very large ensembles of projections at high spatial resolution at a cost much lower than that of traditional regional climate models.

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Greg Bodeker

Changes in the regulatory environment, and in consumer expectations, requires rapid deployment of digital technologies across New Zealand's agricultural sector. We must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures (thanks to Shakespeare).