Technologies shaping how we operate our business in 2016

One of the most significant drivers of change – across all industries – at the moment is the changing nature of work itself.

As new technologies make “anytime, anywhere” work possible, companies are breaking up tasks in new ways, leading to a fragmentation of jobs across many industries. These effects are further compounded by the rise of mobile internet and cloud technology, enabling the rapid spread of internet-based service models.

Technologies such as big data analytics, mobile internet, the internet of things and robotics are changing how companies are running their business. No longer is new technology pigeon-holed to one industry or one sector. The opportunities of allied industries partnering and learning from each other is critical to the future development of these new technologies.

The MobileTECH 2016 event being run in Rotorua on 30-31 March for this regions primary industries is the fourth year that this “cross industry” technology event has been run. Since MobileTECH first event ran in 2013, this series has firmly established itself as the major industry event for showcasing new technologies designed to increase the productivity of our primary food and fibre industries.

The speed of development within the industry is driving a wave of new productivity tools powered by connectivity. In three years MobileTECH has showcased hundreds of technologies, innovations and ideas to a thousand of the industry’s brightest minds.

MobileTECH 2016 covers the key developments on improving communication networks, the use of cloud computing, wireless monitoring, data management, enhanced quality satellite imagery, mobile computing, UAVs, robotics and automation.

MobileTECH 2016 is packed with innovative presentations, demonstrations and panel discussions on where mobile technologies are being used, how they can be integrated within the sector and what the opportunities are just around the corner. Attendees will hear from, connect with and be inspired by both sides – the technology developers AND industry users.

Full details on the two-day programme can be found on the event website, If keen on you or your staff attending this years mobile technology event for primary industries, best look at registering today.